Evening Sit

The soul of all existence

carried on the sound

of thick spring rain


the forest leaves

comes through

the small opening

of my window

The candle

silently echoing

the luminescence that becomes


I am

each moment

For a brief eternity

there is nothing

but wonder and gratitude

tasting the delicacies

of unknowingness

taking the shape of a body


I used to be


the incense stick

is silently snuffed out

by the packed ash

that held it so gently

for a time


5 thoughts on “Evening Sit

  1. When there is a rainstorm, I come out of my house and sit on my porch to watch the torrents of water, flashes of lightning; to feel the wind and ebb and flow of air. Sometimes a burst of wind brings spatters of rain to my safe corner. But I know that I am safe from the rainstorm’s extremes. I have shelter. I am safe. The rain to me is a beautiful reflection of the joys of this world. I wish for all sentient beings that same joy of perception. Namaste.

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