Stillness and Action

We must take steps
in to activity
in to this world
in to relating with others…


The footprints that we leave
on a task
on something made
in a person
on Earth
what the weather is like
the doer…


is not an action, a doing
rather it is a state of being
to recognize
to remember
the endless silence
from which all wisdom is spoken…
the impeccable stillness
from which all activity arises…


The bringing together of palms
at the heart
is a gesture of unity
of heart and mind
of self and other
of being and doing…
two as one
one as two
and yet not one and not two


This is the practice
for those who want to dwell in peace
and clarity and harmony
to rediscover
the stillness
and unite it with our actions…
so that stillness and action
are experienced
at once


3 thoughts on “Stillness and Action

  1. Very true and beautiful, thank you for sharing Paco!

    I would disagree with the concept of interbeing as described towards the last few lines….. but that isn’t something to be debated as to who is right or wrong-just a curious difference of faith!


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